By of US pilots may

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By 30% of US pilots may have COVID-19 vaccine-induced heart conditions

Cardiologist and Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) researcher Dr. Peter
McCullough estimates that as many as 30 percent of pilots in the
United States may have underlying heart conditions caused by the
vaccines (https://bit.ly/3MLXqJO).
Joshua Yoder, a pilot and co-founder of the U.S. Freedom Flyers,
a health freedom advocacy organization formed to help transportation
industry employees oppose COVID-19 vaccine mandates, relayed
McCullough’s words during an interview.
In the interview conducted by Vaccine Safety Research Foundation
founder Steve Kirsch, Yoder said McCullough told him in a prior
conversation that, if airlines conducted health screenings on their
vaccinated pilots, 30 percent of them would be
(https://bit.ly/3OX9k5j) disqualified due to newly found cardiac
issues caused by the COVID-19 vaccine.
McCullough has been consistent in advocating for an end to
vaccinations Last year, he and several other critics of the
experimental and dangerous COVID-19 vaccines gave the Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA) several recommendations based
on known safety concerns with the vaccines.
These recommendations include medically flagging all vaccinated
pilots and de-certifying and grounding pilots who fail cardiovascular
health screening tests. These include EKGs, D-dimer tests, troponin
tests, cardiac MRIs and any pilots “who otherwise show symptoms
indicative of possible blood-clotting issues or myocarditis.” These
symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breath and decreased
tolerance to exercise.
In the written recommendations, McCullough and his colleagues
contended that the FAA, by allowing vaccinated pilots to continue
flying without the appropriate medical clearances, is “putting both
pilots and the general public at risk of death and/or serious injury.”