the unvaccinated are placed in

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Italy: the unvaccinated are placed in a social ghetto

The latest coronavirus restrictions in Italy came into effect
on Monday, January 10, 2022, when the government once again
expanded the scope of the Super Green Pass, a digital certificate
that can only be obtained by those who have been vaccinated
or cured of covid-19. From January 20, a basic Green Pass will
be required to access hairdressers and beauticians, and from
February 1 (not January 20, as shown in the tweet below), it will
be required to enter banks, post offices, non-essential shops and
malls. Thus, it all started with bars and shops, then moved to
clinics and post offices, but very soon (and in some countries
even right now) unvaccinated will not be able to enter the bank
and receive money there.
Source: From January 20th unvaccinated Italians cannot access
their bank branch or enter the post office without a vaccine
passport! (https://bit.ly/3I4mUj7)