The unvaccinated in China are

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The unvaccinated in China are driven through the streets like cattle

The police in the Chinese city of Jingxi organized a march
of alleged violators of the coronavirus rules. On December 29,
the Daily Mail reports (https://bit.ly/3pJmYP8).
Twitter (https://bit.ly/3eEZ1SK): NEW - Chinese lockdown
rule-breakers publicly shamed and paraded through the streets
carrying placards with their names in Cultural Revolution-style
disciplinary measures. 
The suspects were escorted by police through the streets of Jingxi.
On the necks of the offenders, posters with names and photographs
were hung. The practice of "parades of shame" used to be used for
those who committed criminal offenses, but then it was abolished.
The marches have resumed amid extremely tight controls on
self-isolation due to COVID-19.