Vaccine complications will soon COLLAPSE

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Vaccine complications will soon COLLAPSE the healthcare system

Virus and vaccine expert Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche believes
(https://bit.ly/3MAEw8E) the massive amount of complications
caused by the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines can
collapse the healthcare systems (https://bit.ly/3OI1Cfo) of
entire nations.
Vanden Bossche formerly worked as a senior officer for the Bill
and Melinda Gates Foundation, and then as a senior program
manager for the Gates Foundation-funded Global Alliance for
Vaccines and Immunization.
He gave this warning on Nov. 20, 2021, in a video message titled
“Message to Austria,” which was released to coincide with a large
rally in Vienna opposing COVID-19 restrictions.
As his first warning, Vanden Bossche advised Austrians to “never,
ever … allow anything, or anybody, to interfere or suppress your
innate immune system.” He explained that a person’s natural immune
system is his or her first line of defense against infections.
Vanden Bossche further explained that the so-called antibodies
provided by the COVID-19 vaccines suppress the body’s innate
immune system and vaccines cannot substitute for it because the
effectiveness of these so-called antibodies plummets quickly after
injection and do not actually prevent infection or transmission of
the virus.
If the COVID-19 vaccines are not helpful for adults, Vanden Bossche
warns that this is especially true for children. Vanden Bossche
warned that the innate immunity of children “can easily be suppressed
by vaccinal antibodies” because their antibodies are “so young and
so naive that they can easily be outcompeted by vaccinal antibodies.”
He further warned that the continued vaccination of children could
lead to a surge in autoimmune diseases in the world’s youth.
Therefore, vaccinating children “is an absolute no-go,” he said.
“We cannot vaccinate our children with these vaccines.”
Vanden Bossche later said those who have gotten themselves
vaccinated should not get booster vaccine doses, calling it
“absolutely insane” to do so.
“What this will do is just further increase the immune pressure
of the vaccinal antibodies on their innate immunity,” he said.
“Absolute nonsense. It is dangerous and should not be done.”
He also mentioned that when the fully vaccinated and boosted
come up against different diseases, what little remains of their
immune systems will have an extremely difficult time protecting
the body.