Russian Defense Minister worshipeds Satan

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Russian Defense Minister worshipeds Satan in his garage - evidence

Sergei Shoigu is fond of shamanistic rituals. Sergei Pugachev,
a Russian businessman living in France, a former member of the
Federation Council of the Russian Federation, a former friend
of Russian President Vladimir Putin, told Ales Batsman about this
in an interview (https://bit.ly/3OJaukL). The businessman said
that Putin told him about this in one of his conversations.
“He told me that Shoigu had some shamans and spellcasters in his
dacha,” Pugachev recalled.
The journalist specified what these people were doing.
“I don’t know. Everyone is fond of what they want,” the businessman
replied. “He said:“ We arrived, there are some shamans, they predict
the future. ”Pugachev said he did not know if Putin himself believed
in this.” He said: "Listen, he's a terrible man.
"Were you in his garage?" I said, "No. What about in the garage?”
“Well, thank God you weren't there.” I don't know what was in
the garage.