New UFO sightings press review

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New UFO sightings - press review

1) Last week child Lilly Martindale got the most awesome picture
of this super cool lenticular cloud!! This was taken at freeway
speeds and she happened to get the most perfect shot with that
Huge UFO Cloaked In Cloud Over Southern California, April
17, 2022, Photos, UFO Sighting News. (https://bit.ly/3saw2NV)
2) Driver stunned as 'UFO ball of light' appears in sky as she films
contrails. A ball of light caught on film by an unsuspecting driver
in North Carolina has been labelled "extraordinary" by UFO
believers online with some even claiming it's proof of extra
terrestrial life (https://bit.ly/39fupaX).
3) Sal Sanchez, a resident of Kyle, Hayes County, Texas, USA
and several others have claimed to have seen a mysterious orange
UFO in the sky for at least the past few months.