Gen X and Gen Z

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Gen X and Gen Z experience record 84% excess mortality in fall of 2021

In the Fall of 2021, jobs, education opportunities and entire
careers were on the line, as governments, corporations, colleges,
hospitals and other institutions implemented multiple vaccine
mandates. These punitive, discriminatory vaccine mandates were
rolled out illegally, in violation of personal beliefs and body
autonomy rights. By the time these “life-saving” vaccines were
forcefully rolled out, they had a REVERSE effect on mortality.
From September to December 2021, the vaccine mandates rapidly
increased EXCESS mortality rates for Gen X (ages 40-55), Gen Z,
and Millennials (ages 25 to 40).
According to mortality data (https://bit.ly/3k3VNLe) from the fall
of 2021, the Millennial generation experienced a staggering 84%
increase in excess mortality after the vaccines were rolled out.
Further spikes in excess death were observed after the mandatory
boosters shots were enforced. Blackrock portfolio manager, Edward
Dowd, said (https://bit.ly/3rISQDY) this is the “worst-ever excess
mortality…in history.”