Covid vaccines tool for ethnic

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Covid vaccines tool for ethnic cleansing

We now have an on-the-record statement from HHS Secretary
Xavier Becerra saying, “We know that vaccines are killing people
of color… blacks, Latinos, indigenous people, at about two times
the rate of white Americans.” He did not stutter.
He confirmed what we’ve been warning about since day one of the
vaccine depopulation drive: People of Color are being killed by
covid “vaccines” at a much higher rate than Whites.
He confirmed what we’ve been warning about since day one of the
vaccine depopulation drive: People of Color are being killed by
covid “vaccines” at a much higher rate than Whites.
Put another way, the experimental gene therapy injections called
“vaccines” are depopulation weapons targeting all of humanity,
but they disproportionately kill far more Blacks and Latinos on
a per-capita basis.
In 2017 - more than two years before COVID - released a shocking
documentary, “The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks.” The
documentary was widely shared until YouTube banished it, once 
gain proving that Big Tech will keep Blacks in the dark about any
form of genocide targeting Blacks.
Google wants to see black people exterminated, in other words, and
they aren’t afraid to censor truthful, fact-based documentaries that
try to save lives. Thanks to many users, there are now multiple
copies of this documentary uploaded to (https://bit.ly/3EvlbTn)
and other alternative video platforms. Feel free to re-post on
Rumble, Bitchute, Gab or other platforms.
The human race has been targeted for termination, and the
depopulation globalists are prioritizing certain races and ethnic
groups for rapid extermination. In other words, we’re all in the
cross hairs, but they desperately want black and brown people
to be eliminated as quickly as possible.
Could it be because Latinos, for example, are hard workers who
are now turning against Democrats because they see the devastating
consequences of inflation and money printing? Democrats approval
among Latinos in America is now at 29% and dropping.
Or could some of the reason be because of the $168.8 trillion in
unfunded liabilities that the US government owes the American people
over time? The only way for the US government to remain solvent is
to eliminate those liabilities, which means eliminating the people
who are scheduled to collect those benefits (social security,
Medicare, pensions, etc.).
Now, we are living under governments around the world which are
actively plotting to mass murder their own citizens using a variety
of vectors:
 - Depopulation biological weapons disguised as “vaccines”
 - Engineered mass famine and starvation
 - Widespread contamination of the food supply with heavy metals,
plastics and pesticides
 - The destruction of families by pushing LGBT agendas in public
schools and pop culture
 - Defunding the police, allowing violence to take over many inner
cities, turning them into deadly war zones (Chicago, anyone?)
 - Promoting late-term and even post-birth abortions in order to
literally murder black babies after they’re born
 - Withholding lifesaving information from Blacks (about vitamin D
and similar topics) through coordinated Big Tech censorship and
the de-platforming of individuals who are trying to sound the alarm.
In today’s Situation Update podcast, discuss all these topics and more,
revealing the heavily censored truth about the real government agenda
to exterminate Blacks in America and around the world: