Something unrelated to the epidemic

Found at: gopher.erb.pw:70/roman/phlog2022/344.txt

Something unrelated to the epidemic is happening in China

1) 25 million people in Shanghai have been under house arrest
for 2 months: https://bit.ly/3KyEpd7
2) This video proves that this is not a pandemic:
3) Groups of soldiers without biological protection against the
virus are marching through the city, it all looks more like a
roundup: https://bit.ly/3xpbu7u
4) Attack armored vehicles spotted in the suburbs of Shanghai:
This clearly also has nothing to do with the virus and quarantine.
5) In previous issues of our "magazine" I have already published
information that UFO sightings have become more frequent in
China. It is not clear what the Chinese government is hiding
in Shanghai.