Girls are developing GENITAL ULCERS

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Girls are developing GENITAL ULCERS after vaccines

This is according to published peer-reviewed articles and data from
the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the federal
government’s program for collecting reports about adverse events
related to vaccinations. (Related: Recently released Pfizer
documents show mRNA COVID-19 vaccine can cause 1,291
different adverse events.)
One of the recently published medical journal articles
(https://bit.ly/3M07COh) talking about the post-vaccine genital
ulcers was published this month in the Journal of Pediatric and
Adolescent Gynecology (https://bit.ly/3KG5FXe). The study, titled
“Post COVID-19 Vaccination Vulvar Aphthous Ulcers: An Unpopular
Case Series,” was conducted by three doctors in the pediatric and
adolescent gynecology department at Mercy Children’s Hospital in
Kansas, Missouri.
“With the COVID-19 pandemic, our institution saw COVID-associated
aphthous ulcers,” wrote the study authors. “After increased use of the
Pfizer vaccine in those 12 years old and over, our institution also
saw a series of post-vaccination aphthous ulcers.”
The doctors studied three girls, aged 12 to 15, who presented with
vaginal ulcers that began developing less than three days after they
got the second dose of Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.
Each of the girls received the first dose of the vaccine without
complications. But all three, within the second day after they got the
second dose, started experiencing pain in the genitals. All three
children were brought to Mercy Children’s Hospital between June
to September 2021 and were diagnosed with vulvar aphthous lesions.
Also known as Lipschutz ulcers, this condition is a very rare,
non-sexually acquired condition that even the smartest gynecologists
in the world know very little about. Its main symptom is large deep
ulcers forming in female genitals. It also causes pain, malaise and
Each of the girls suffered multiple large ulcers on their genitals, some
of which became necrotic. None of them were sexually active or had
prior COVID-19 infection or even recent exposure.
Girls as young as five can also develop genital ulcers after Pfizer
Many other studies prove that the Pfizer vaccine is giving girls genital
ulcers. In Wisconsin, a healthy 12-year-old girl with no prior
sexual history developed a fever a day after she got the second dose
of the COVID-19 vaccine. A day later, she developed three painful
ulcers on her genitals, one of which was necrotic.
In Children’s Minnesota, a 16-year-old girl with no prior sexual
history became feverish, fatigued and experienced muscle pain within
24 hours after she got her second Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. She later
developed lesions in her vaginal area. Over the next two days, the
lesions on the right side of her vaginal area turned into one large
oozing yellow and gray ulcer with necrotic parts that caused her
immense pain.
In Colorado, a five-year-old girl got the second dose of Pfizer’s
deadly COVID-19 vaccine back in November. Within a day, she
developed muscle aches, arm pain and a vaginal lesion which made
it difficult to walk. This case was reported to VAERS and it was