Another UFO incident declassified On

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Another 2014 UFO incident declassified

On January 8, 2014, a meteorite swept through the sky over Papua New
Guinea. Its diameter was less than 50 centimeters, and the speed with
which it moved was 210 thousand km / h, which is much more than the
speed of meteors rotating within the solar system. All this allowed
scientists to assume that the object came from another star system.
The researchers presented their findings in a scientific article and
even posted it on the preprint website (https://bit.ly/3jxZQ1Y).
However, the matter did not come to publication. The reason is that
some of the data that was required to verify the calculations turned
out to be classified. And only now, when the US Air Force Space
Command declassified the documents, it became clear: the guesses
of scientists are correct, reports Vice (https://bit.ly/3E3gY9q).
This is the first interstellar object discovered in the solar system,
and the asteroid Oumuamua, which flew far from our planet, was
discovered by astronomers only in 2017.