Scary social experiment over Shanghai

Found at: gopher.erb.pw:70/roman/phlog2022/335.txt

Scary social experiment over Shanghai

Life won't be like before. The world behind the scenes is building
a new world order.
25 million people are under house arrest in Shanghai due to
the alleged new Covid-19 epidemic. https://youtu.be/YSS3EvZ0kuQ
People have been locked in their skyscrapers since March 28, 2022,
with no way to go outside. They run out of food, water, medical
supplies https://bit.ly/3JtHWrY 
The general situation in the city is a dystopia that the globalists have
dreamed of for so long. Robot dogs (https://bit.ly/3JwaZuW) walk
around the city with megaphones, urging people not to leave their
homes. At night, unmanned vehicles fly over the city, collecting
information. People are risking their lives to get at least some food
(https://bit.ly/3rhCPEW). Some citizens get into fights with the
military or rob grocery stores
Children are taken away from their parents. Pets (dogs and cats)
are massacred. I wrote about this yesterday.