Mike Yeadon declares covid vaccines

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Mike Yeadon declares covid vaccines are “toxic by design”

The Corona Investigative Committee in Germany held an online
session that was attended by Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former vice
president at Pfizer, who shared the latest damning evidence about
Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.” (https://bit.ly/3rcAg66)
Yeadon has become something of a “conspiracy theorist,” at least
in the eyes of the establishment. Despite working at Pfizer in an
executive-level position for more than three decades, Yeadon does
not believe that his former employer’s injections are safe or effective.
In fact, Yeadon is not necessarily convinced that the Fauci Flu even
exists as claimed. If by some off chance it is something more than
just a nasty seasonal flu, it still is not even close to being as deadly
as the media and governments continue to claim it is.
“It turns out that it’s not a particularly lethal virus, if it exists,”
Yeadon stated during the symposium. “Or it’s about the same as
a bad seasonal influenza.”
Everything from the PCR tests to the masks to the idea of
“asymptomatic spread” is fraudulent, Yeadon warns. PCR tests
“don’t tell you anything,” he says, and cloth masks “if anything
make you more likely to catch an unusual bacterial pneumonia
because you’re breathing through a filthy cloth.”
As for the blue masks, these are nothing more than splash guards.
Their purpose, Yeadon says, is “to stop blood and bodily fluid from
going into the nose and mouth of the attending worker” at the
“They’ve never been for filtering your breath, and they obviously
don’t do so,” Yeadon says about the blue masks – watch the
interview below:
Video: https://bit.ly/3HVsJ2j
The so-called “vaccines” are perhaps the most offensive component
of the sham, though. These, Yeadon says, were “always going to
harm people” because of the horrible way they were designed.
Not only is messenger RNA (mRNA) technology completely new
and experimental, but the encoding that was done to have the shots
target just the outside of the spike protein makes them exceptionally
“By choosing this design, the range of outcomes is probably 1,000
times worse than it would be for a conventional vaccine,” Yeadon
says about the mRNA jabs.
Another thing is the fact that not every vial of alleged vaccine
contains the same ratio of components or even the same components
at all. Some people seem to be receiving exceptionally lethal
concoctions while others appear to be getting a placebo.
Yeadon also says that two people who receive the exact same
injection might experience different outcomes. One person might
have no negative effects while the other ends up dying – think
Russian roulette.
Yeadon previously spoke out against the safety and efficacy claims
for his former employer’s jabs, warning that there is “clear
evidence of fraud.”
Not only do the jabs not provide any real protection against covid,
but they are highly dangerous. They do not prevent infection
or spread, and at best, we are told, merely help to lessen symptoms.
If these were true vaccines, vaccinated people would experience
a lower viral load than unvaccinated people. The reality, though,
is that viral loads tend to be the same in both groups – so what are
the jabs actually doing?
In Yeadon’s view, the whole thing seems to be a widespread plot by
those who control the financial systems of the world to destroy
economies, supply chains and society at large in order to usher in
a new age.
Part of this plot involves massively depopulating the planet, which
will largely be accomplished by the injections. There will be other
fallout from broken supply chains that lead to mass starvation and
societal chaos as well.
“This is a conspiracy led by the central banking clique and their
clients to take over the world,” Yeadon says.
“Once they’ve done that, destroyed the economy … a great financial
reset which will have us using our vax passes and digital ID, and
central bank digital currency … you won’t like those, you really
wont. It’ll be the end of cash and any privacy for any
Yeadon says that if depopulation of the planet is one of the goals,
then “the setup is so perfect.”
“The current so-called ‘good’ batches could be batches with code
to activate long-term adverse events,” suggested one commenter
at Brighteon about the potentially different outcomes of jabs from
different production lots. “One can’t be sure a good batch is a good
batch?” Be sure to watch the full symposium up above to hear more
from Dr. Yeadon and the others who participated in the talk.