Bill Gates thinks poor people

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Bill Gates thinks poor people eat a lot of beef

In a recent interview (https://bit.ly/35nSv1K) discussing his
recent book – “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster“ – billionaire
Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who is currently the world’s
fourth wealthiest individual (https://bit.ly/3uD5oNQ), advocated
for “rich countries” to fully switch to, what he calls, a “100%
synthetic beef” diet that would consist entirely of lab-grown
The move, Gates explained, would supposedly aid in the fight
against “climate change” by curbing greenhouse gasses that are
produced when raising livestock…
Which is perfectly in line with the ol’ AOC argument of farting
cows destroying the environment.
This elitest insanity of trying to reconfigure the entire human
diet – that has been in place since humans discovered fire – with
fake lab-grown substitutes is an ambitious and unprecedented
one, to say the least. One of the main hold-ups of mass adoption
has been getting the taste and texture of the fake substitutes close
enough to the real thing where the difference is not noticeable,
but this endeavor has failed miserably, leading to a massive
drop-off in public acceptance after a brief upswing last year.
Gates also addressed this issue during the interview, laughably
claiming that it’s possible to get used to the weird unnatural taste
of synthetic beef (https://bit.ly/3LiQiUw), and, if you don’t, the
scientists will make it taste better in the future.
From Gates’ interview with Technology Review, via The Hill:
Instead of eating meat, some of the world’s richest megalomaniacs
are laying the groundwork for the masses, who they view as the serfs
serving their whims, to consume a diet strictly made up of nutrient
depleted vegan lab-grown foods. When they mention “the new
normal,” they are conditioning people to accept their future where
they will “own nothing and be happy,” live in their pods, and live
their new lives as insect-eaters, while the elites enjoy the spoils
that are deemed too dangerous to the environment.
The only question is, will we stand like our forefathers and take
back our freedom from the Globalist cabal before the crickets hit
the table.