Another fire pillar spotted in

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Another fire pillar spotted in the sky

Residents of Houston, USA saw a strange red pillar of fire
in the sky:
Most of the messages came from the eastern part of the city.
Journalists (https://bit.ly/3JI1byT) received messages from
Friendswood, League City, Santa Fe and other nearby areas.
Meteorologist Tim Pandajis said the light could be flaring from
one of the nearby refineries, but the light appeared to be at high
altitude, so it's not clear if that's the case.
For what it's worth, we did get a message from a LyondellBasell
plant in La Porte saying the plant was undergoing activities that
would result in periodic flaring.
"You may notice a bright orange flame, black smoke or a rumbling
noise," the message said. "There is no danger to our community
or workers ... no need to take any action. We apologize for any
inconvenience this may cause."
Pandajis and Chief Meteorologist David Paul both said the clouds
were very reflective on Wednesday night, so the light very well
could have been from the flaring.
Pandajis also said the light resembled something called a red sprite.
The problem with that theory is that red sprites usually appear in
groups and are usually positioned over active thunderstorms. He said
that's likely not the case with this light.
I should note that such pillars of light have recently appeared in the
world quite often, a couple of years ago over Iraq
(https://bit.ly/3JBaVe6) the phenomenon was generally massive -
there were five such pillars of fire (https://bit.ly/3816RpH).
Arab media writing about it:
The project aims to use the directed energy to develop laser
weapons and air defense laser system to intercept all sorts of
ballistic and cruise missiles.
Thus, what has been observed in Duhok is most probably this
project regarding the air defense system. It is noteworthy that
these systems are not fully operational and at nearest they are
operational by middle or end of 2020s.
What makes this phenomenon more interesting is its coincidence
with recent incidents of the region, specially assassination of
Iranian General Soleimani by USA. IranÂ’s missile power is what
USA is worried about more than any other time and an important
US base is actually near Duhok. It serves as US bridgehead between
north of Iraq and north of Syria. It seems US terrorists Army are
testing their laser air defense systemsÂ…