Big killer asteroid is approaching

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Big killer asteroid is approaching Earth

NASA is now watching an asteroid that is roughly three times the
size of the London Eye as it approaches Earth
(https://bit.ly/3L5R5bg). The space agency detected the asteroid
dubbed 'Monster Planet Killer' and said the massive space rock
would approach Earth very soon.
Reports said this massive meteorite, dubbed 2013 BO76, has the
potential to destroy the entire city if it collides with any area of
it. Virtual Telescope said this possibly deadly asteroid would
pass relatively close to Earth at 5.1 million kilometers, or nearly
13 times the standard lunar distance.
Asteroid 2013 BO76, a large space rock between 600 and 1500
feet, will pass close to Earth on March 24.
According to the Daily Star, PanSTARRS survey found the object
on Jan. 17, 2013.
Virtual Telescope Project found the space rock on March 7 while
it was still 15 million miles away from Earth.
Next week, at its closest approach, it will pass within three million
kilometers of the Earth. It's far enough away from the Earth's
surface to avoid crashing with it, but it's a close call in terms of
astronomy. However, NASA experts are constantly watching the
meteorite because of the potential for catastrophe. It is due to the
possibility of a collision due to Earth's gravity.