Chronicle of the collapse of

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Chronicle of the collapse of Putin's Russia

In early March 2022, Russian troops captured the city of Kherson.
Then, near the city, Russian troops gathered together hundreds of
pieces of equipment. Including military helicopters. The armed
forces of Ukraine launched an artillery strike on this concentration
of troops, destroying all the equipment. Satellite photo before
impact: (https://bit.ly/3MYRyhm)
Satellite photo after impact: (https://bit.ly/3u5vysj)
In total, 49 units (https://bit.ly/3JmFLH8) of Russian military
equipment were destroyed.
How many Russian infantry died is still not clear:
Only on March 16, 2022, two of the latest Russian SU-30 fighters
were shot down (https://bit.ly/3KQOKku).
Demoralized Russian soldiers walk around and rape women
Observers are shocked by the crimes of Russian occupiers
Is was information that problems with sugar began in Russia itself.
Sellers secretly take sugar home (https://bit.ly/3CNHSl4) or sell
it to friends.
The level of wages in Russia is falling catastrophically:
The largest manufacturer of passenger cars VAZ sends people on
forced leave due to lack of spare parts (https://bit.ly/3KSE1G5).
As major economic media reports (https://bit.ly/3ieihbl), Russia is
on the brink of default on up to $150 billion in foreign currency
debt it owes to global investors. In case of refusal to pay the
bills, the West will confiscate all the property of these companies
People are fleeing Russia (https://bit.ly/3Ikv1rN). Citezens from
Yerevan are now reporting that 9,000 citizens of Belarus, 4000
citizens of Ukraine and 50,000 citizens of Russia have urgently
arrived in Armenia. The stream of escape started on March 1st and
now the numbers are growing daily (https://bit.ly/3u4uYv0).