An anomalous sandstorm covers Europe.

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An anomalous sandstorm covers Europe. What's happening?

I already wrote about the anomalous sandstorm that covered
Australia. Today, an abnormal sandstorm covered Europe.
A huge amount of dust and sand is sent to Europe from the
Sahara. Large concentrations are reported mainly by Spain,
France and also Germany. Dust from the world's largest desert
turns the rain red. German meteorologists warn that due to the
huge amount of dust and fine sand from the Sahara, surfaces
and rain turn red (https://bit.ly/3KGsQQA).
This atmospheric phenomenon will reach Eastern Europe until
Wednesday morning, but here the precipitation will not have
such an intense color. Previously, a cloud with an admixture
of red desert sand from the Sahara brought a powerful
anticyclone to Britain. Falling out with the rain, impurities
left a red coating on buildings and cars.