Kremlin occultism in the war

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Kremlin occultism in the war with Ukraine - investigation

I have already written several reviews about the occult wars of
Vladimir Putin. Today, new information has appeared that deserves
separate analysis. Signs "Z", "O" and "V", placed on the Russian
military equipment invading Ukraine, have a sacred meaning. These
symbols are used both among Freemasons and among Satanists -
the Illuminati. The sign "Z" is the number "7", which has an
important mystical meaning in Freemasonry. According to
"Encyclopedia of Freemasonry" Volume 1 (1873) and Volume 2
(1878) (https://bit.ly/3J4AyDK):
Masons, in fact, from the day they were founded, used a Semitic
symbol - the seventh letter (Z), called zayin, which meant "weapon"
or "sword". Since then, Z (7) has been a sacred sign and number
in Masonic symbolism and conspiracy activities.
In the sources of the 18th century, it is reported that the Masonic
lodge requires Z (7) - the seven liberal arts and sciences, which
are "the screen of Freemasonry." In modern ritualism, the "Z"
symbolism has been moved from the 1st to the 2nd degree, and now
refers only to the seven steps of the "Spiral Staircase"; but the
symbolic seven can be found in hundreds of aspects throughout the
Masonic system. It takes seven brothers to open a full-fledged
lodge. It is believed that the number "7" is a perfect number, since
it contains the numbers "3" and "4". In geometry, the basis of
Freemasonry, the triangle and square are perfect figures. This
understanding is best displayed in the Masonic apron.
There is obviously minimal reference to the number "7" in a specific
sense, but its symbolism and conspiratorial use of the symbol "Z"
is deeply rooted in the Masonic structure. The sign "Z" entered
modern occultism relatively recently, in addition, it is used in the
designation of a specific layer "Generation Z", among people born
in the period from 2000 to 2012. It is Generation Z that makes up
the bulk of the Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine. These are
conscripts. Young people who were forcibly drafted into the army
and sent to war. Many were virgins, that is, innocent souls according
to "Christian Satanism." Thanks to the shaman Gabyshev, who
went to Moscow to perform an exorcism (https://bit.ly/3w1gwGR),
we know that Putin is a leather shell in which the "Spirit of War"
has infused. The ancient "dev", according to the Zoroastrian
tradition, is one of the emanations (materializations) of Angra
Mainyu (absolute chthonic evil). Absolute evil has seven "Z"
emanations. One of these emanations is "Spirit of War" or
"Spirit of Destruction".
Let me remind that the shaman Gabyshev was arrested by an armed
police (https://bit.ly/34wr3OT) detachment and placed in a
psychiatric hospital. However, it is now clear that the war in
Ukraine has an occult meaning for Putin and his entourage. This
is the sacrifice of innocent children by the "Spirit of War"
(by generation Z - conscript soldiers) in the name of a diabolical
Generation Z was previously considered to be people born between
1995 and 2010. However, according to experts, the vast majority of
young people born from 2000 to 2012 took part in satanic rituals.
"Z" has a new attitude to the concept of good and evil, books, music
and much more It is noted that generation "Z" is becoming the largest
on Earth, and most of it marks a radical break with the expectations,
behavior and moral principles of fathers.
Another occult symbol on Russian tanks - the "V" sign is most
popular among generation "Z". This symbol is still the most common
satanic symbol in the world. "V" has a dark backstory. Adam
Weishaupt used the "V" in the new structure (Illuminati) to symbolize
the "Law of Fives", however this is only the beginning. In
Freemasonry, the meaning of the letter "V" (Nail), is one of the
secret titles of Satan in the Brotherhood of Satanism. That is why
the "pentagram" (penta - five) and the fivefold greeting are used in
Freemasonry and open Satanism. Please note that many popular and
famous people place a "V" over one eye or over another person's eye.
The "eye" symbol is a distinctive sign of the Illuminati -
Freemasons, while adherents of satanic cults do not use it.
The symbolic occult meaning of V, Z, O can thus be read. Generation
"Z", is sacrificed to one of the seven (7) manifestations of evil in this
world "Spirit of War", for the ascension of "V" Devil five times
under "O"" black sun." Landig forms the concept of the "Black Sun"
(O) as a graphic symbol that replaces the swastika and a mystical
source of energy for the rebirth of the "Aryan race". We seem to be
witnessing an attempt at an occult ascension of the Beast to create
a new race and summon the superman.