Covid Vaccines Are Just Placebos

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Proven: Covid Vaccines Are Just Placebos for money

Mandatory masks, quarantines and covid-19 vaccines are becoming
a pariah in Denmark, as the “fully vaccinated” make up over 90%
of the current “omicron” covid-19 caseload (https://bit.ly/3zLGnCs).
The “Omicron” hospitalization rate in Denmark is beginning to
exceed the “Delta” hospitalization rate, as vaccine damage becomes
ubiquitous in the population. As the “fully vaccinated” make up the
vast majority of these new “omicron” cases, there is growing concern
that the they are experiencing antibody dependent enhancement
and immune depletion, as they rapidly spread new variants.
The government of Denmark has become a medical police state,
implementing constraints on the “unvaccinated” to coerce as many
people as possible to take part in an ongoing medical experiment.
Consequentially, almost every citizen over the age of 50 is now
marked as “fully vaccinated.” The young have been coerced to give
up their body to this genetic experiment as well. Despite being at
negligible risk to a potential covid infection, the vaccination rate
for 15-60-year olds is approximately 80 percent. This level of
vaccine uptake is unprecedented, historic in its proportions.
However, the vaccination rate of the population is not synonymous
with true immunization. If the experimental vaccine program
worked, then herd immunity would be fully realized by now, with
the infectious disease rate rapidly plummeting. However, the
opposite is happening, as new surges of covid continue to plague
the “fully vaccinated.” In fact, over 90 percent of the omicron
cases are in the vaccinated cohort!
Out of the entire population in Denmark, only 17 percent remain
untouched by this genetic experiment, mainly because the government
has not yet forced parents to give up their young children to the
vaccine program. Remarkably, the “unvaccinated” make up only 8.5
percent of the new “omicron” covid cases. Even though the fully
vaccinated are spreading this variant all over Denmark and the rest
of the world, the unvaccinated seem to be the protected class.
According to official infection statistics in the State Serum
Institute’s “Report on the omikron variant” for December 18th
(https://bit.ly/3zEFFqp), the vaccines are negatively impacting
infection rates, and the unvaccinated are now the more protected
class of people. By not vaccinating, people are 50 percent protected
from the latest strain of covid. Natural immunity is obviously
working, while the vaccines are interfering with immune responses,
damaging herd immunity and causing new public health issues
Seventy-nine percent of these omicron cases (13,946) are occurring
in the “fully vaccinated.” Even those who took a booster shot are
succumbing in greater numbers than the “unvaccinated.” The patients
who took a booster shot make up 10.8 percent (1,851) of the new
cases, while the singly vaccinated group accounts for 1.8 percent
(304) of the cases and the “unvaccinated” group make up 8.5 percent
(1,454) of the new cases.
“Omicron” isn’t the only strain that is being sequenced in the fully
vaccinated, either. Among Denmark’s heavily vaccinated population,
there has been an additional 4,000 cases of delta reported each day
since November 22nd. That number has risen to well over 6,000
cases per day in December. During the week of December 10-17,
2021, the Delta hospitalization rate for Denmark was an average
of 1.55%, and the Omicron hospitalization rate was an average
of 3.71%.
The covid vaccines are not useful at all, but even worse, they seem
to be making covid infections more pervasive in the population,
whether it be delta or omicron. If the “fully vaccinated” continue
to contract these new strains and spread them among the population,
then the vaccine program has proven to weaken the immune system,
turning people into covid super spreaders - a reality that everyone
feared a year and half ago.
The vaccine program doesn’t even offer neutral results, like a
saline placebo. More people in the “fully vaccinated” cohort are
coming down with these new covid infections, proving that the
vaccine causes some form of immune depletion or antibody dependent
enhancement (ADE). The latest variants have already found a way
to evade the innate immune response, an issue that scientists have
warned about for over a year (https://bit.ly/3n8rWDk). The
antibodies generated by the vaccine are non-neutralizing and allow
the latest strains to bypass the first lines of defense in the
mucous  membranes, causing greater viral load and more serious
immune challenges over time. This medical malpractice must
be stopped.