Strange events on the Sun

Found at: gopher.erb.pw:70/roman/phlog2022/196.txt

Strange events on the Sun scared the ESA

As the official ESA website writes on February 18
(https://bit.ly/3IfRxCE), they observed the largest protubero
in history. Such recognition by the European Space Agency
is worth a lot, because it turns out that there have never been
such protubero. And now they appear on the Sun one by one,
while breaking records in size and shape. This once again
suggests that some process is going on on the Sun, the nature
of which can only be guessed at.
According to Donna Hollingberry, who apparently lives
somewhere in Texas, in early February, WH Live Cam captured
some kind of incomprehensible blurry orange spot that hung
almost over one place and did not move much anywhere. And
on February 17, some completely unimaginable object appeared
near the spot (https://bit.ly/3vh7a9c).