Scientists say G radiation is

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Scientists say 5G radiation is killing animals and wildlife

A lengthy report (https://bit.ly/3p1biXb) about 5G exposure has
found that this newfound radiation source is damaging the health
of creatures that live in the wild. The 150-page report, compiled
by researchers at the University of Washington and Johns Hopkins
University, contains three sections, the first of which looked at
how environmental EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) have
radically increased in recent years. The second part looked at how
living organisms are impacted by these EMFs. It reveals how
"effects have been observed in mammals such as bats, cervids,
cetaceans, and pinnipeds among others, and on birds, insects,
amphibians, reptiles, microbes and many species of flora." The third
section focuses on EMF exposure limits and the prospect of new
regulations to help better protect living beings against the harm
caused by this constant flood of non-ionizing radiation.
"This eloquent review gives insight into missed opportunities for
cancer prevention exemplified by asbestos, tobacco, certain
pesticides and now RF (radiofrequency) radiation," said a
spokesperson from the Environmental Health Trust (EHT).
"The authors highlight how economic considerations were favored
instead of cancer prevention. 'A strategy to sow doubt on cancer
risks was established decades ago and is now adopted and
implemented in a more sophisticated way by the telecom industry
regarding RF-EMF risks to human beings and the environment.
Industry has the economic power, access to politicians and media,
whereas concerned people are unheard.'" 
Devra Davis, the founder of EHT, said that it has been known for
quite some time that cellular radiation of all kinds is dangerous to
wildlife as well as to people. And yet the federal government has
turned a blind eye to the science and instead promoted the interests
of Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. "We have more than enough
research to trigger new regulatory action to protect wildlife," a
spokesperson from EHT is further quoted as saying. "The FCC
should have done a full review of the environmental impact of 5G
network deployment before streamlining hundreds of thousands of
5G cell towers across the nation." Back in August, the D.C. Court
of Appeals ruled in favor of a petition filed by EHT against the
Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The court found
that the FCC has not done nearly enough to address the growing
body of evidence linking EMFs to negative health impacts, even
at levels below what the FCC considers "safe." The court also
noted that the FCC has not adequately responded to the Department
of the Interior after it raised the issue of the environmental harms
that EMFs cause specifically on migratory birds. (Related: The
National Institutes of Health (NIH) published a report
(https://bit.ly/3Byussk) showing that both 5G and 4G are harmful
to humans and other living beings.) The corporate media, on the
other hand, which is bought and paid for by the wireless industry,
has scoffed at and scorned the idea that 5G is anything other than
amazing and wonderful. Fake news giant CNN, for instance, published
a 2020 propaganda piece entitled "Why conspiracy theorists think 5G
is bad for your health and why experts say not to worry." The contents
of this fake news piece are exactly what you might expect. "With 5G
coming to neighborhoods across the country, the levels of wireless
radiation will significantly increase," warns Davis, who believes that
the time is now to act. "We do not have the luxury of time to
continue to debate this issue with the wireless industry. Adults,
children, pets, wildlife, and our environment are all vulnerable."