related crimes to be investigated

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COVID-related crimes to be investigated by public grand jury

The crimes and lies surrounding the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID 19)
pandemic will now be investigated by a public grand jury made up of
lawyers from around the globe in hopes of creating a court
(https://bit.ly/3rZNLaO) of public opinion. The criminal investigation
will be modeled after the United States grand jury proceedings.
Ben Armstrong talked about how lawyers are taking COVID crimes into
their own hands during the February 11 episode of “The Ben Armstrong
The grand jury investigation will serve as a model to legal proceedings
in presenting available evidence of COVID-19 crimes committed by
leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices who participated in
the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic. The
investigation is of the people, by the people and for the people, and
will serve as the people’s court of public opinion.
Reiner Fuellmich, a leading German lawyer and member of the German
Corona Investigative Committee with a specialization in the
prosecution of fraudulent corporations, will be leading the team of
international lawyers in what will be the world’s largest global tort
case (https://bit.ly/3uWGuL3) concerning what is now termed as
“The COVID Scandal.”
Fuellmich alleged that the pandemic is a long-planned agenda from
a group of “ultra-rich” people and their “financial mafia” based in
London and on Wall Street. These people are said to use a
pseudo-pandemic to gain complete control over people. The group
includes thousands of global corporations with at least $5 billion in
annual sales, politicians, media representatives and other
high-profile personalities. They meet once a year to plan
“The Great Reset,” and promote the shifting of the world’s
assets to this group of super-rich people.
By 2030, it is expected that ordinary people will no longer earn
anything and will be under a one-world government with digital
currency. They aim to reduce the world’s population and manipulate
the rest by altering their DNA or even moving forward toward
“Their most important goal is, however, the implosion of the
completely looted financial system and simultaneous introduction
of a digital currency issued by the World Bank, controlled by them,
and the introduction of a world government under the United Nations,
which has come under their full control in 2019,” Fuellmich said.
He also said that this group has made concrete plans for the pandemic
since at least the spring of 2001, which they called “Operation Dark
Winter.” This was followed by another lockstep exercise by the
Rockefeller Foundation in 2010, and finally the “Event 201” in
October of 2019 in New York, which was sponsored by the Johns
Hopkins Center for Health Security and the Rockefeller Foundation,
the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates
Fuellmich said members of the jury will be calling a number of
different expert witnesses from all walks of science, but there will
also be witnesses who will testify to the damage they suffered as
a result of getting the experimental vaccines.
Among those that the jury will call is someone who participated in
“Operation Dark Winter in 2001,” James Bush. Others will explain
the historical and geopolitical backgrounds of what is going on and
will show that this pandemic agenda has been planned for at least
20 years.
Other experts will also explain the legend of the Wuhan wet market
outbreak, and prove that the virus is no more dangerous than the
common flu because the PCR test that is used for detection cannot
really diagnose COVID.
Furthermore, the vaccines are not only ineffective, but they are
dangerous as well. Regardless of whether the COVID virus is natural
or man-made, the human’s natural immune system is capable of dealing
with it, as evidenced by the infection fatality rate of between 0.14 and
0.15 percent or less. (Related: Oregon lawmakers call for federal
grand jury investigation into covid fraud.)
There had been no excess mortality anywhere until the experimental
vaccine arrived. But it appears that the group needed the cases in
order to declare a public health emergency of international concern