military commander rebelled against police

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Germany: military commander rebelled against police Covid-19 outrage

The two videos (https://bit.ly/3JJcaZj) below feature a German man
who identifies himself as Sergeant Oberauer of the Bundeswehr. Media
reports describe him as Sergeant Major Andreas Oberauer of the 1st
Company of the Mountain Infantry Battalion 231 in Bad Reichenhall.
In the first video Sgt. Oberauer calls on his fellow servicemen to
intervene on behalf of anti-lockdown and anti-mandate protesters
who are being violently suppressed by the police. He orders his
subordinates to honor their oath to defend the constitution and
protect citizens from the unconstitutional behavior of the civil
This report (https://bit.ly/3GkFvY1) in English gives details about
what happened to Sgt. Oberauer after he was arrested. The military
authorities have begun an investigation, but Sgt. Oberauer has been
released from custody, since he is not considered an imminent