Comedian passes out on stage

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USA: Comedian passes out on stage after being vaccinated

The comedian who collapsed (https://bit.ly/3uXKBGL) on stage
after bragging about getting her third booster shot told Dr. Drew
during an interview that she probably won’t be getting a fourth
As we previously highlighted, Heather McDonald had to be rushed
to hospital after taking a tumble at a show in Tempe, Arizona earlier
this month.
“I’m vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted … and flu shot and shingle
shot and haven’t gotten COVID and Jesus loves me most,” said
McDonald before collapsing to the floor.
During a subsequent appearance on Ask Dr. Drew, McDonald revealed
that she had taken two doses of the Pfizer vaccine but had a Moderna
booster shot “three weeks to the day” of her collapse on stage.
Drew said that the most common time period for adverse reactions to
occur from boosters was within “two to three weeks” of taking the
shot and that fainting was one of them.
When Dr. Drew asked McDonald if she was aware of any “evidence
of myocarditis,” the comedian said she knew nothing about it.
“Which is an inflammation of the heart and changes the way the heart
muscle functions a little bit, that’s why I ran hard on that
echocardiogram,” Drew explained.
McDonald didn’t express any dreaded “anti-vax” views, but she did
say the collapse had made her reconsider getting jabbed again.
“I mean, you know, what can I do now… I don’t think I’m going
to get the fourth booster though, I will say that,” McDonald said.
“I think I’m done.”