Vaccines an analysis of excess

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Vaccines kill: an analysis of excess mortality in the US and the world

According to the estimates of the research team of the British
magazine The Economist (https://bit.ly/3JvxXm9), the accumulated
excess deaths since the beginning of 2020 at the end of that year
amounted to 5.20 million. In 2021, the excess deaths reached
13.23 million people! In the first month of 2022, excess deaths
amounted to 2.13 million!
Article in Fortune (https://bit.ly/3LFGIvN December 2021) with the
sensational headline: "Life insurance payouts see highest increase
in over 100 years". The article reports that more than $90 billion
was paid out on life insurance policies in 2020, up 15.4% from 2019.
This is the largest annual increase since the 1918 flu pandemic.
"We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in
the history of this business … death rates are up 40% over what they
were pre-pandemic," says Scott Davidson, CEO of OneAmerica
Scott Davison's statement was commented on by M.D. Robert W
Malone MD, MS (https://bit.ly/3s0JTqp). It is starting to look to me
like the largest experiment on human beings in recorded history has
failed. And, if this rather dry report from a senior Indiana life
insurance executive holds true, then Reiner Fuellmich’s "Crimes
against Humanity" push for convening new Nuremberg trials starts
to look a lot less quixotic and a lot more prophetic.
The statement of the insurer from Indiana was also commented
on (https://bit.ly/3uPrChh) by a well-known American entrepreneur
opposed to vaccination Steve Kirsch.
"Deaths among 18-64 year-olds (who don’t normally die) are up by
40% in 2021 vs. pre-pandemic levels".
"Useful fact: Adults 65 and older account for 16% of the US
population but 80% of COVID-19 deaths in the US, somewhat
higher than their share of deaths from all causes (75%) over the
same period. We’ll use that 75% stat later".
"So that means roughly 187K excess deaths are probably happening
for ages 18-64 due to some new cause."