another general spoke out against

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Russia: another general spoke out against the war with the USA

The network is actively discussing the appeal of retired FSB General
Yevgeny Savostyanov to President Putin, which he posted on his
Facebook page. Savostyanov supported the chairman of the All-Russian
Officers' Assembly, Leonid Ivashov, who had previously spoken out
against Russia's war with Ukraine (https://bit.ly/3LuIf7Q).
Savostyanov said that, despite past disagreements with Ivashov, he
now almost completely shares his point of view on the Ukrainian
issue. The general is confident that the possibility of a military
solution to the conflict with Ukraine should be completely ruled
out. He noted that the unity of views on vital issues with opponents
is a characteristic feature of a society that is under the dictates of
power. "The dictatorship has a peculiarity - in the end, it comes to
a state where all the politically active layers are not happy with
it." Unlimited power, which makes rash and dangerous decisions,
according to Savostyanov, "leads to actions that cause indignation
among the most diverse layers." The general believes that today
the country is experiencing internal degradation and transformation
into a class society.
The general has no doubt that if hostilities are allowed, the
consequences will be catastrophic. Russia, according to Savostyanov,
will have to deal with NATO forces manually, which is practically
impossible. And Putin himself seeks to avoid this, Savostyanov
emphasizes, because stability and silence are more important for him.
“Blowing up the silence that has developed in the country, and
blowing it up on such a scale, is not at all in his [Putin's] interests,”
Savostyanov concludes.