partisans beat vaccinators According to

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Germany: partisans beat 308 vaccinators

According to research by ZEIT ONLINE (https://bit.ly/3LoueZo),
there were more than 300 violent attacks in connection with the
protective measures of the pandemic in Germany in 2021. They
happened on buses and trains, at the bakery, in the supermarket,
at demonstrations. Almost 600 suspects injured at least 308 people,
some seriously. The data is not complete. There are no official
statistics on how often violence has broken out over masks and
distancing. The collection only shows what a team from ZEIT
ONLINE was able to find in openly accessible sources after
weeks of work. Even if it was not possible to research each case
individually due to the sheer number of reports, the overall picture
gives a clear picture.
There were numerous punches and kicks, and some weapons were
used. But we also listed attacks on test stations and even on an ICE.
In practically every one of the cases documented here, the
perpetrators at least accepted hurting someone else. Among them are
old and young, men and women. The situation almost always
escalates very quickly, and alcohol and other drugs often play
a role. But intoxicants alone cannot explain the number of crimes
and the low inhibition threshold of the many perpetrators.
In many cases it must have been sheer luck that nothing worse
happened, that no one was seriously injured or even died. Which also
shows that the murder of Alex W. in Idar-Oberstein is only the most
extreme example of a social development. This collection only sheds
light on part of the violence that is committed every day in Germany
when it comes to masks and Corona. But she shows that these are not
isolated cases. Two years of pandemic have evidently uncovered an
alarming degree of harshness and coldness even among hitherto
inconspicuous citizens.