All Green Pass Data Stolen

Found at: gopher.erb.pw:70/roman/phlog2022/153.txt

Russia: All Green Pass Data Stolen

On January 25, 2022, an offer (https://bit.ly/34QAUP6) was published
on the RaidForums website to sell a database of 48 million vaccinated
Russians. The database contained, among other things, the date of
birth, initials, and, most importantly, the QR code of the vaccination
certificate of a Russian citizen. The telegram channel "Information
Leaks" was the first to report this.
As an additional proof of the validity of the database, the author
provided a web interface to part of the database at qarusel.com.
Judging by the search results through this web interface, it contains
the databases of the vaccinated in Moscow, the Moscow Region and
St. Petersburg. On the same day, January 25, 2022, closer to the
night, news appeared that "the Ministry of Digital Transformation
will check reports about the leakage of data on those vaccinated
against COVID-19", and "there are no personal data of citizens in
the database."
Due to the large volume of the database, it is possible to find a
vaccination certificate for almost every person with the same
initials and date of birth. Thus, anyone could pick up a certificate
of vaccination. The passport number does not matter, as a driver's
license or other form of identification can be provided instead.