Has the smallpox epidemic promised

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Has the smallpox epidemic promised by Bill Gates begun?

On the Hal Turner radio show (https://bit.ly/3LoDrAP) he revealed
from official intelligence contacts, that several people have come
down with full blown smallpox disease. Photos of 4 different people
in Yemen have come down with smallpox was shared with Hal
Turner, and all of these were from different locations in Yemen,
and not from the same town. The fatality rate of those getting
smallpox without a smallpox vaccine is 62%. With the vaccine it
is over 20% fatality rate, according Hal Turner. There are supposedly
only two locations in the world where the smallpox disease is kept
in lock down labs - at the CDC labs in the US and one location in
Russia.  The last known case of smallpox was in Britain in 1978.
The theory is, that once there were no more carriers of the disease
it would die out. The question is, did the globalists acquire
smallpox and release it to the public for a depopulation agenda?
It just so happens the people in Yemen have been fighting against
the puppet government of Saudi Arabia, which is controlled by the
globalists. As a side note, Bill Gates recently said 4 november 2021
(https://yhoo.it/3rCQuHe) that there was going to be a smallpox
outbreak. I found confirmation of the smallpox outbreak in Yemeni
local media, among other news (https://bit.ly/3GI4SCh). Alsahwa
Yemen write: "Smallpox is spreading in Sana'a/Aden Aghad". On
November 18, 2021 (https://bit.ly/33bKMmh) the news was
published: "‘Smallpox' Vials Found at Merck Lab in Suburban
Philadelphia Facility". It is also known that in 2004, Dr. Fauci
conducted experiments on infecting monkeys with smallpox in
the United States (https://bit.ly/3uEoVz6).