the head of the largest

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Russia: the head of the largest bank made a strange statement

This statement made by (https://bit.ly/3HDMxrb) German Gref,
the head of the Savings Bank of Russia, explains the purpose of
a future world war. Russia serves as a battering ram for the world
behind the scenes to ignite a global war.
"We have drawn three competencies for ourselves that characterize
the "man of the future". The first is a person who has a high degree
of creativity. The second is that this person has a well-developed
systems thinking. Agree that it is very rare to find a person who is
very creative, with systems thinking. Of the seven billion people,
six billion will be weeded out. And the third component is the
ability to achieve results," he said, speaking at the XXIII
International Congress of Supreme Audit Institutions INTOSAI.
These three sieves, through which a large number of people pass
at the entrance, in the end, a very small number remains in the