Preparatory litigation against the world

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Preparatory litigation against the "world behind the scenes" has begun

This enactment of a Grand Jury investigation (https://bit.ly/3soPdCI),
common in the US, is a model legal proceeding to the citizens of the
world against leaders, instigators and accomplices in the formulation
and execution of a plan to create a pandemic. It is a people’s
investigation, called – ‘the people’s court of public opinion’. It is
based on Natural Law, which in turn is founded on the notion that
everybody is capable of distinguishing between good and evil, right
and wrong. Humanity is at a critical stage which depends on the
awakening of all people; the trajectory we are on must be reversed,
and this grand jury enactment will contribute to that in rapid
fashion. A grand jury hears evidence and then determines if a
criminal indictment can be returned against the accused. It is
usually conducted behind closed doors without the accused being
present; this grand jury will be done, however, before the public
using a real judge, lawyers and witnesses. It originates within
a constitutional model of government that respects people’s natural
rights and freedoms. We ask you, the public, to review the evidence
presented to recapture our freedoms.
During the last 2 years we’ve witnessed the collapse of the
democratic Rule of Law. Our most fundamental rights and freedoms
have been taken from us in the name of a ‘common good’ that has
never been endorsed. We expect a gigantic wave of victims to follow.
Justice systems are no longer fulfilling their duties, i.e. there are no
longer judges in Berlin. We cannot wait; we must assume our
responsibilities to prevent tyranny. Natural Law gives us our sacred
rights to oppose tyranny; it gives people legitimacy to do so.
National and international justice systems have clearly failed to
protect us from the tyranny we are witnessing. So it is within
unwritten natural law that this court finds its legitimacy to initiate
legal proceedings.