Our connection found between helminths,

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Our investigation: connection found between helminths, vaccine and Covid

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What do snails, frogs, bats, artiodactyls, pets, Covid-19 and humans
have in common? At first glance, this list has nothing in common.
But this is only at first glance. All these organisms have common
problems. All these animals are carriers of the exotic and rather
rare parasite "Sparganum proliferum". Each of the organisms
described above is an intermediate carrier of this parasitic creature.
At the same time, all mammals from this list also become infected
with Covid-19 (humans, dogs, cats, deer, and so on). What I wrote
about in previous articles.
Research on "Sparganum proliferum" (https://go.nature.com/330BxVY)
reveals interesting and strange facts. This article was written at
the very beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. This organism was first
discovered in 1904 in a woman in Tokyo. Clinical symptoms and
pathological findings indicate that "Sparganum proliferum" multiplies
in the human body and invades various organs and tissues, including
the skin, body walls, lungs, abdominal organs, lymph nodes, blood
vessels, and central nervous system, resulting in to severe illness.
Not many cases have been reported to date, but in all reported cases,
the infection has been fatal.
Photos of "Sparganum proliferum": (https://bit.ly/3sfUvQZ)
Video about covid-19 strange "clots": (https://bit.ly/34bdLqZ)
There was a postulation about the origin of this parasite. Some
parasitologists considered it to be a new species of pseudophyllidean
tapeworm, whereas others suspected that "Sparganum proliferum"
was a virus-infected or aberrant form of Spirometra erinaceieuropaei,
based on morphological similarities.
We also know that according to the latest Japanese studies
(https://reut.rs/3oL7ucD), the antiparasitic drug "Ivermectin" treats
Covid-19. And this is not an isolated case. Another anthelmintic drug
(https://bit.ly/33v6Pnv) "Niclosamide" is also effective against
Covid-19. There is a lot of evidence that worms are found in the
vessels of the dead after vaccination. I also wrote about this
earlier (https://bit.ly/3u8j8kY https://bit.ly/32K3otq).
Thus, it can be assumed that the basic carrier of the virus was not
a bat or any other mammal. Since all these organisms are intermediate
carriers of the parasite "Sparganum proliferum" infected with the
Covid-19 virus. It was the parasite "Sparganum proliferum" that,
thanks to the movement between host organisms with the help of
vertical gene transfer of the virus, was able to infect humans with
Covid-19. At the same time, the most terrifying thing about all this
is that no one has ever met the adult form of the parasite "Sparganum
proliferum". There are only assumptions about the final form and the
final owner of this organism.
Based on the foregoing, some conclusions can be drawn. Groups of
terrorists or conspirators have spread around the world a genetically
modified version of "Sparganum proliferum", which is a carrier of
Covid-19. In this case, the task of this atrocity is finally
clarified. The goal was to create and use a virus capable of
infecting all living organisms from molluscums to higher mammals.
The incubator-container of the new coronovirus was the parasite
"Sparganum proliferum", capable of being a carrier of RNA infection.
Why these worms are found in the blood of people who died after
vaccination, I do not know. But it is clear that anthelmintic drugs
kill the carrier of Covid-19 inside the human body. Thus, apparently,
a person infected with the genetically modified parasite "Sparganum
proliferum" is a distributor of new mutations of the virus around
him. This explains not only the simultaneous appearance of Covid-19
around the world, but also the man-made nature of this epidemic.
Also due to the fact that worms do not tolerate alcohol and tobacco.
People who consume these foods are less likely to contract Covid-19.
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