My coaptation of the computer

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My opinion: coaptation of the computer underground by cultural Marxism

Planning obsolescence is one of the pillars of "cultural Marxism"
in economics. The idea was borrowed and, as it is now customary
to write, rethought from the Bolsheviks. Why do good when you
can always produce a low-quality product? As it was done in the
classical socialist competition in the USSR. What matters is not
how well a product or goods is made. The only important thing
is that this time it is better than the previous product. And due to
the fact that the product is never properly made, it is forced to
constantly change. It is this "cultural Marxist" model that links
Big Tech and the "progress" myth.
Anyone who has see technology at the very beginning understands
perfectly well that there is no progress in modern progress. It can
be argued that there is no progress in any of the consumer goods.
This is just an integration of what has already been invented in the
days of good old America. All this is a product of a derivative of
neuromarketing. The conviction of the end consumer that he is
an accomplice of some unprecedented progress. And those who
do not participate in these neocommunist rat races are losers.
The problem of the computer underground is precisely this. Hundreds
of millions of useful idiots are playing counterculture, identifying
themselves by coaptation with the movement to which they do not
belong. We know a lot of people copying the patterns of the
underground. They photograph BBS, Gopher, Usenet, P2P, IRC and
so on. With only one purpose. They play with nostalgia and retro.
This is a very severe mental disorder of the mind. Because "cultural
Marxism", thanks to "socialist competition" implies the presence of
constant cycles of obsolescence. And the ultimate victim of social
media in a year can change a lot of brands and subscriptions. In
pursuit of elusive progress.
Despite the fact that the "smartphone ghetto" is a niche product,
many consumers of this neo-communist garbage are convinced that
everyone around is using it. And if something else is in service and
continues to work, then this is retro. A coaptation reality of
thought, safe for useful idiots.
The truth is that there is no such thing as retro in technology.
This is a personal unhealthy psychosis instilled by the "cultural
Marxist" agenda. Don't believe? This is easy to check. Go to any
plant older than 30 years and see what equipment is used there. You
will be surprised how many machine tools, conveyor belts and so
on use "retro" operating systems and computers. In production, no
one will change working equipment just because it is considered
retro or nostalgic. Why? Everything is very simple. The basis of
sound calculation and sober mind is economic expediency. The green
snot of retrocomputing nostalgia is a product of mass neomarxist
I know guys from GOA, NRA who have their own IRC servers. None
of them even thought, or maybe does not suspect that from the point
of view of consumers they is an oldschool boys. This is really
stupid. The "smartphone ghetto" is so cut off from reality by the
soap bubbles of social media that, like schizophrenics, it imposes
its social hallucinations of retro and nostalgia on everything.
Another problem is that people co-opted by "cultural Marxism" and
the agenda of social media do not notice the obvious fact. Private
communications tools created by millions of administrators around the
world have a different purpose. Namely, the expansion of freedom and
communication, bypassing the HTTPs protocol, limited by the "world
behind the scenes". This leads to a logical conclusion. Consumerists
can play computer counterculture all they want, but they can never
become a platform for democracy.
Because their minds are poisoned by the schizophrenia of "cultural
Marxism" and the limitations of political correctness. Via dividing
existing technologies into old and new, and people into dissenting
fascists and correct tolerant neo-Marxists. And as a result,
conservation from the outside world inside the snot bubbles of the
"smartphone ghetto". This is the reason why most Gopher:// sites are
in the Onion zone. No one is interested in mediocre smartphonefuckers
zombies broadcasting a schizophrenic neo-Marxist agenda. Retro
old-school boys from Web2/3 really do not need anyone and are not
interested here. And I had to point it out in this post.