The world is preparing for

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The world is preparing for a global war

At the end of January 2022, the people of California drew
attention to the unusual activity of the railways, which began
to drag a significant amount of armored vehicles towards the coast
(https://bit.ly/3s6lU7J). The presumed destination was the port
of San Diego, so no one was particularly surprised that the tanks
gathered there (https://bit.ly/3uhINaY). Of course, there is no
complete overview of the parking lot, but according to a rough
estimate, we are talking about the transfer of an armored brigade
somewhere, that is, about 87 tanks, 144 M1A2 armored vehicles,
18 howitzers and all the rest of the equipment required by the state.
Russia is also pulling troops to the borders with Ukraine. Some of
the many videos https://bit.ly/3sepOMa https://bit.ly/3of8CEZ
Ukrainian media reports hundreds of thousands of soldiers
(https://bit.ly/3L0rnpr) ready to invade Ukraine from Belarus and
Russia . Western diplomats leave Kiev and Minsk in anticipation
of an invasion (https://bit.ly/3s7N1PR). CNN reported that the Biden
administration (https://cnn.it/3Gi5DBY) considers an invasion of
Ukraine imminent. You can read more about military assistance
to Ukraine in defense against the invasion of Putin's army here