Since my vaccination,nothing is

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"Since my vaccination, nothing is the same as it was"

The fully qualified lawyer Rolf Merk on his experiences with the
vaccination and on the taboo subject of vaccine damage
I belong to an invisible minority. Although we are many now.
How many? There are no exact figures about us, we are not reliably
recorded, although we have to be recorded. We're getting more
every day. However, we do not appear in public discourse. We get
no attention and no voice. We're being hushed up. We are the people
for whom the “pikes” weren't just a “pikes”. We are the people for
whom the corona vaccination resulted in massive damage to our
health. Since I was vaccinated against Corona, nothing is the same
as it was. The problems started a few days after the second
vaccination with Biontech: muscle and joint pain, numbness in
arms and hands, severe exhaustion and constant headaches. When
the symptoms did not subside after four weeks, I consulted a
neurologist. "It's an excessive immune response, it will pass, you
just have to wait and see," said the neurologist. Shortly thereafter,
I suffered an ischemic stroke. And I will be eternally grateful to
the paramedics and Limburg hospital that I survived due to their
prompt and professional help.
'It's like committing social treason' After I was discharged from
the hospital, I went to see many doctors. Because of course I
wanted to know what had happened to my body since the
vaccination. How all this could have happened. I was convinced
that I was an exciting case for medicine, which in the best case
would advance science - oh, how naive I was! Not only (almost)
no doctor was interested in my story. No, I wasn't even taken
seriously. I saw distrust, incomprehension and boredom on the
faces of the doctors from whom I had hoped so much. And the
reaction of friends and acquaintances was often sobering. As if the
vaccination complaints had broken a taboo, questioned something
sacred, committed social betrayal. And only then did I understand
the sentence of an acquaintance who also suffered serious side
effects: First you lose your health and then your dignity.
After more than five months, I still have significant symptoms, and
my psyche has suffered enormously. But this is not about my destiny.
It's about all of us. It's about society finally having to give the
vaccine-damaged a face and a voice. We don't need pity, but we
don't want to be ignored any longer. And we finally expect honest
and transparent reporting. The corona vaccination is not just
a “pikes”, as is always so euphemistically portrayed. It is a medical
procedure that causes significant health impairments in many
people. That is the truth and the truth must be spoken.
And quite specifically: There must be contact points for people who
are vaccinated. Contact points where care is guaranteed and you
can get the medical help you need – or at least where a serious
attempt is made to find a diagnosis and a targeted therapy.
Government-funded research projects would also be useful to
understand why the vaccine causes so much damage in some people.
Unfortunately, these demands will probably remain wishful thinking.
Because maintaining the narrative that “vaccination is safe” seems
more important than showing respect and solidarity to those who
have been vaccinated. A solidarity that should be a matter of course
in a constitutional and welfare state.
Rolf Merk is a qualified lawyer and chairman of the municipal law
committee of the city of Mainz. In this function, he also has to decide
on the legality of Corona measures by the city of Mainz.