The CEO of s owns

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The CEO of Balenciaga's owns an auction site selling pedo sex toys

Source: (https://bit.ly/3Uhrr7s)
Francois-Henri Pinault owns Kering, Balenciaga's parent company.
He also owns Christies, an art auction site.
If you search Jake & Dinos Chapman on Christie's, you will find
numerous mannequins made by them which feature nude children
with erect penises, vaginas, and anuses instead of their noses and
You will also find a VHS pornographic film where two pornographic
actresses have sex with a severed adult male mannequin head with
an erect penis for a nose.
Pinault owns some of the Chapman Brothers artwork, but there's no
indication he owns the child mannequins:
Chapman Brothers official art site (https://bit.ly/3gGTPCj)…
Pinault's official art collection website… (https://bit.ly/3VwCQ4u)
Pinault's Wikipedia (https://bit.ly/3GUjQsD) states he is the founder
of Group Artmeis, which owns Christie's…
The fashion company Supreme also sold Skateboards
(https://bit.ly/3ubeNMV) featuring images of the child mannequins.
I'm not aware of any connection between this and Pinault and
That's an old deleted tweet of the photographer behind the Balenciaga
scandal… Crazy, no?
This is a terrifying Twitter thread I found (https://bit.ly/3Uduhus)…
Just if you want to know more… Press on the picture and zoom on it
to read it…
It's all a big club… the Pedo club!