The new bivalent boosters are

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The new bivalent boosters are outdated and targeting the wrong strains

Source: (https://bit.ly/3tUcE8e)
Pfizer and Moderna's much hyped bivalent booster shots were rolled
out to the market in September. Just two months later, their product
is already targeting the wrong coronavirus strains.
As you can see in the chart below from the CDC's genomic surveillance
tracker, the new boosters, which were designed and authorized for
BA.4 and BA.5 lineage variants, no longer target the correct strain.
As of November 19 (https://bit.ly/3GJaakL), the BA.4 and BA.5
strains only accounted for fewer than a third of cases. 
By now, that number has probably dipped to one in four cases. And
given the rapidly decline in the statistical progression, by the end
of the month, the booster shot targeted variants will likely appear
in fewer than 1 in 10 cases. If it follows the trajectory of other
strains, the mutations targeted by the bivalent booster will
be entirely nonexistent by the end of January 2023.
Given the rapid mutation rate, the mRNA injections don't appear
serve a positive outcome for anyone looking for long term protection.
Additionally, the shots are known to present a significantly
increased risk for serious side effects, especially among young
adult males. 
Of course, the executives at Pfizer and Moderna are well aware
of the rapid mutations, which continuously render their mRNA
shots ineffective at best. A rational cost-benefit analysis would
conclude that for most people, the once-touted "cure" is worse
than the disease. However, that reality isn't helpful to Big Pharma's
 bottom line, so the infamously unethical drug salesmen brush over
it with in-house "studies" that claim the mutation problem is not
a big deal.
In June, the US Administration signed a new vaccine supply deal
with Pfizer that will result in over $9 billion in taxpayer dollars
being delivered to the drug company, in exchange for the
now-expired booster shots. In a recent press release, Pfizer claimed,
without evidence, that their new booster shots also work well for the
emerging dominant BQ.1 and BQ. 1.1 mutations. Pfizer and Moderna
have brought in hundreds of billions of dollars over the course
of Covid hysteria, smashing profit records year over year. The vast
majority of these profits came from the mRNA injections.