Every baby born will be

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Every baby born will be issued with Digital ID

Source: (https://bit.ly/3VkEeXH)
WORLD BANK GROUP is about to control everything we and
our children have… Freedom… And that from the beginning…
Under the guise of "inclusivity and equality" Every baby born will
be issued with Digital ID. DNA & biometrics stored for profit,
by corporates and governments, you will trade freedom for
convenience, they are banking on it. Yes, they are planning to start
forcing governments to issue Digital IDs for when people are born.
This is not a social security number or birth certificate. This is
a Digital Identification that you will have the rest of your life.
A bar code that encapsulates ALL of your information. That includes
making money, banking, education and your continued compliance
in an enslavement system (https://t.co/nikx5jfwwc).