Bill Death Panels Will Soon

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Bill Gates: Death Panels Will Soon Be Required

Source: (https://bit.ly/3hMRGp4)
According to Gates, death panels will be necessary in the near
future in order to end the lives of sick and unwell people due
to "very, very high medical costs".  Gates went on to explain that
"a lack of willingness to say, you know, is spending a million
dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would
it be better not to lay off those ten teachers and to make that
trade-off in medical costs."
Bill Gates plans for "death panels" mirrors the language used
by the World Economic Forum regarding euthanasia and the
Canadian government's devilish new solution to solve inflation,
homelessness, skyrocketing crime, and food shortages - euthanasia
for the poor.
The Trudeau regime say they are now offering to pay to euthanise
people who are "too poor to continue living with dignity."
The G20 is a summit featuring leaders of the most important
economies in the world, and it's a mix of countries considered
to be "advanced" or "developing".
Beyond the rooms where the world political leaders sit around and
thrash out various issues, there are dozens of side events where
"dignitaries" meet.
There's the B20 - the "B" being for business. The world's richest man
and new emperor of Twitter, Elon Musk will be in attendance there,
alongside more established figures of the globalist elite, including
Bill Gates.