Military dictatorship of Mass evidence

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Military dictatorship of Covid-19. Mass evidence

Signs of the involvement of security forces to vaccinate the
civilian population emerged in the last months of 2021. A
number of examples of this kind are given by Amy Mek in
the article "Militarization of Health Care: Generals Take
Control of Covid Task Forces Internationally"
The author recalls the statements of Bill Gates related to 2015.
Then in a reputable medical journal "The New England Journal
of Medicine" Gates published an article (https://bit.ly/3pTeQLU)
"The Next Epidemic - Lessons from Ebola", where he reacted
very approvingly to the fact that the armed forces of the United
States and Great Britain participated in this struggle, solving
transport problems. Gates noted in 2015 that humanity will soon
be covered by epidemics even worse than Ebola. An intense
struggle awaits them, which can be compared to a world war.
The military should also prepare for such a war. NATO should
be oriented towards such a war. In April 2015, at the Ted Talk
conference (https://youtu.be/6Af6b_wyiwI), Gates gave a talk
"The next outbreak? We’re not ready", where he expressed his
ideas on using the military to fight pandemics.
Today we see that the military is indeed participating in this new
war. Moreover, their role is no longer auxiliary. In a number of
countries, they are highlighted. Especially Amy Mek draws the
attention of readers to the event that took place in Austria on
December 17, 2021. The government of this country announced
the creation of a new structure of the GECKO - the Committee for
the Coordination of the fight against the national covid crisis. Two
co-heads of the GECKO were appointed - Katharina Reich, Director
General of Public Health Services, and Rudolf Striedinger,
a military major with the rank of Major General.
The strength of the Austrian armed forces is 53 thousand (of which
27 thousand are the people's militia), and General Striedinger
successfully carried out a covid vaccination of this contingent. In
addition, at the beginning of 2021, he managed to achieve a
complete ban on any criticism of vaccinations from the military.
Now the experience gained by the general is required in order to
complete the complete vaccination program for the Austrian
DW provided some details of the situation in Germany on November
29 2021 (https://bit.ly/31u37u0). Major General Carsten Breuer heads
the German Bundeswehr Territorial Operations Command, which is
responsible for the interaction between the military and the civilian
population. At the end of November 2021, German Chancellor Olaf
Scholz assigned this general to lead the Corona Crisis Group to
fight the pandemic. The DW publication notes that the Bundeswehr
crisis team is currently receiving dozens of new calls for help from
local authorities every day. Municipal officials usually ask soldiers
to support vaccination centers and health authorities. The number of
approved applications from federal states and municipalities has
already exceeded 7,700 and is expected to only grow.
In the fight against covid, the role of the military is very visible
in Portugal (https://bit.ly/3qKaFkR). Rear Admiral Henrique
Gouveia e Melo is a key figure there. By the end of September 2021,
85% of the population had a full vaccination in the country. The
main credit goes to the Rear Admiral, who was tasked with running
the vaccination campaign in February. The admiral showed
remarkable abilities in completing the assignment. True, today
in Portugal the epidemiological situation is not much better than
in a number of other European countries.
In Australia, the military was also involved in vaccinations in
2021. From the very beginning, they relied on coercion. On November
23 2021, ZEROHEDGE published an article (https://bit.ly/3qMgNZP)
"Australian Army Begins Transferring COVID-Positive Cases, Contacts
To Quarantine Camps". The article describes an eerie story that took
place in November. In the communities of Binjari and Rockhole, near
the Australian city of Darwin, a whistleblower reportedly had covid
infections. At night, soldiers raided the houses of residents, followed
by doctors. This became the basis for transferring 38 people. They
were loaded onto military trucks and urgently transported for
isolation under escort to the nearest concentration camp. The
operation involved 20 military personnel. Australia's Northern
Territories Chief Minister Michael Gunner announced
(https://bit.ly/3mW40TA) that the army will transfer infected,
infected covid-19 and contacted people in army trucks to
concentration camps.
As the saying goes, further comments are superfluous!