Covid or vaccines cause of

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Covid or vaccines cause of the strange madness drivers?

As the COVID-19 pandemic developed from around the world,
messages began to come in about inappropriate behavior of people
who either jumped naked in a public place, or provoked conflicts,
or chipped off even more funny things. And every day there are
more and more such messages.
According to Express (https://bit.ly/3pBErc4), about 50% of patients
with coronavirus complained about "blurred thinking". At the same
time, "omicron" differs from other strains in that the "head fog"
appears shortly after infection. Probably, this symptom is
associated with damage to the respiratory, circulatory, excretory
and other systems of the body. Also, the new variant of COVID-19
can negatively affect memory and confuse even with such simple
actions as choosing between tea or coffee, according to a study by
Bangor University.
Below is a list of the insane events in the US caused by vaccines
or Covid:
1) America’s car crash epidemic: (https://bit.ly/3JpANdl)
2) This is a crisis: "Road fatalities hit 15-year high":
3) Idaho traffic fatalities at 15-year high:
4) New Jersey: Traffic deaths have already hit a 14-year high,
and 2021 isn’t over yet: (https://bit.ly/3EDKFMM)
5) Georgia. Athens traffic fatalities surge in 2021, mirroring
a deadly state and national trend: (https://bit.ly/3pDM7dX)
6) Sand Jose traffic deaths near record levels for 2021,
families and officials address improvements:
7) Car crash deaths have surged during COVID-19 pandemic:
8) More dying in high-speed crashes as pandemic reduces traffic:
9) Highway fatalities continue to be high despite reduced pandemic
traffic: (https://bit.ly/3sGuZpV)
10) Ohio: Crash deaths up nationally, in Tri-State; high speeds,
impaired driving among causes: (https://bit.ly/31eXQq4)
11) Pedestrian deaths most in 50 years as fatal crashes spike in
2021, Portland police say: (https://bit.ly/3sD6RV8)
Thus, we have statistics from police departments, according to which
road accidents for 2021 are 15% higher than in 2020, and 2020 gave
an increase of 10% compared to 2019. Total overall pandemic growth
is about 25% of the average. It should be borne in mind that the road
traffic itself has dropped significantly. There are fewer trucks on the
roads, and fewer other vehicles whose owners are in quarantine.
Therefore, the real figure will not be 25%, but much higher,
depending on the drop in traffic, the statistics for which we do
not know.