Israel warns of new bird

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Israel warns of new bird flu

Israel's National Security Council has taken control of a massive
outbreak of avian influenza in Galilee, which scientists warn
could turn into a massive disaster for people, The Daily Beast
More than half a billion migratory birds pass through the area
each year, heading for warm African winters or mild European
summers, making it catastrophic for a major outbreak of avian
influenza - right at the junction of global avian travels.
The virus can be fatal if virus will be infects humans. The World
Health Organization says more than half of the 863 confirmed
human cases reported since 2003 have been fatal. Most strains
or variants of H5N1 avian influenza are relatively difficult to
transmit to humans. Yossi Leshem, one of Israel's most famous
bird watchers, told The Daily Beast that it is the ability of these
viruses to mutate into new strains that poses such a threat, as we
saw with the coronavirus.
So far, at least 5,400 wild cranes have died from a new strain of
H5N1 avian influenza, which the Israeli authorities fear could
escalate into a global emergency. Of the 30000 Eurasian cranes
that passed in the Hula reserve this winter, 17% have died, and
scientists fear the worst for their surviving cousins, at least
10000 of whom appear to be sick. The Crane Infestation is the
same strain of bird flu that infected chicken coops in northern
Israel and led to the culling of nearly 1 million birds in recent