Covid vaccines are bioweapons new

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Covid vaccines are bioweapons - new information

At a recent online symposium on covid science that was organized
by Doctors for COVID Ethics, the most detailed evidence yet
against Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) "vaccination" was presented
for the world’s consideration. Article by Ethan Huff republished
from NaturalNews.com (https://bit.ly/3ExC8Li)
This international group, which has long opposed the mass rollout
of Fauci Flu shots, argued that the human immune system, provoked
by the injections, could end up attacking its own tissues autoimmune
disease when it detects the presence of synthetic spike proteins.
Untold thousands of deaths have already occurred from this, though
most of them never make it into the government databases. Numerous
presenters, including Dr. Peter McCullough, who has also long stood
against the injections (https://bit.ly/32ti0Ny), revealed scientific
evidence to support these and other claims.
McCullough, by the way, has actually come out to say that covid
"vaccines" are the "most dangerous biological medicinal product
rollout in human history." He remains one of the most vocal
opponents to the current agenda.
German pathologist and professor Dr. Arne Burkhardt, who has more
than 40 years of experience in the field, also presented at the
symposium. He conducted his own research on the tissues and organs
from 15 different patients where a post-mortem had been performed.
Eight of the bodies were women and seven were men, all between the
ages of 28 and 95. Each of these individuals died between seven days
and six months post-injection. What Burkhardt found is that in
nearly every case, the jabs caused the individuals’ bodies to
self-destruct. A specific type of immune cell called a lymphocyte
was found to have invaded various parts of the body, eventually
causing early death.
Burkhardt presented slides showing that lymphocytes had infiltrated
the heart muscle in particular, causing systemic inflammation. The
resulting lesions were small and probably overlooked, "but the
destruction of just a few muscle cells may have a devastating effect,"
he warned.
"If the inflammatory infiltration is found where the impulse for the
contraction of the heart is given, this may lead to heart failure,"
he further said. It was also discovered that a lymphocyte invasion
occurred in other vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, uterus,
brain, thyroid and skin, all of which showed signs of autoimmune
Canadian microbiologist and professor Dr. Michael Palmer summed
up Burkhardt’s presentation by explaining that anyone with honest
medical training will clearly see "just how devastating the effect
of these vaccines can be, at least in those who die after the
"We also now know why the authorities were very hesitant to
have autopsies performed on such victims," Palmer added.
As to why some people are not suffering such an extreme fate
post-injection, Palmer warned that the total lifetime dose of
messenger RNA toxins is limited, suggesting that it varies
from person to person.
Due to a lack of experimental data, it is unknown what these
thresholds are. And according to Palmer, this is "one of the great
scandals of these vaccines, that no proper toxicity studies have
been carried out."
We do know from animal studies that the contents of the jabs do
not remain at the site of injection. They circulate throughout the
entire body, combining with receptors and lining blood vessels,
which in many people causes clotting and excessive bleeding.
The long-term risks of this are what will really be telling once the
contents of the jabs really make their way throughout people’s
bodies over the long haul. Widespread death from seemingly no
specific cause is likely to occur in the coming months and years.