sonderkommandos will vaccinate people at

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UK: sonderkommandos will vaccinate people at home

Door-to-door groups "armed with Covid jabs" will be directed to
the homes of unvaccinated Britons, in line with plans being
considered by ministers to reach an estimated five million people
yet to be done vaccination (https://bit.ly/3Hduck5).
Discussions between the Department of Health, NHS England and
No10 last week viewed a nationwide campaign to send mandatory
vaccination teams to low-coverage areas as a critical way to avoid
isolation and other restrictions. The campaign is also seen as a way
to force the delivery of shots to rural areas or households where
people have difficulty reaching vaccination centers.
This came after the SAGE said that a large wave of Covid-19
hospitalizations was about to hit the UK. The peak may be even
higher than last winter, despite the reduction in disease severity
from the omicron. Door-to-door visits have already been piloted
in one area of Ipswich, leading to another 150 people receiving
mandatory vaccinations over the weekend.