The shocking truth about vaccines

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The shocking truth about vaccines - the combined opinion of scientists

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In the past 2020, as the WHO and the authorities of many countries
were preparing for a mass vaccination against COVID-19, honest
representatives of medical science warned that the effect of
vaccinations would be short-term. Their voices were drowned out
at best. But most often they were discredited, accused of
incompetence and stupidity.
List of authorities of medical science who criticized by the "world
behind the scenes":
1) Nobel Prize Laureate in Medicine Luc Antoine Montagnier - world
renowned virologist and immunologist; 2) Dr. Robert Wallace Malone,
mRNA vaccine developer;
3) Dr. Michael Yeadon, Former Vice President of Pfizer Corporation;
4) Dr. Ryan Cole, a leading American immunologist;
5) Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, leading German virologist and
vaccination specialist;
6) Dr. Vernon Coleman, English physician and active advocate
of alternative medicine;
7) Joseph Mercola, American physician and critic of allopathic
Luc Montagnier - Nobel laureate, called (https://bit.ly/3FgVDcn)
[article was removed from the website] vaccination against
coronavirus "a mistake that will go into textbooks." He confirmed
the words of the RAIR Foundation USA correspondent that, according
to the WHO, after the start of vaccination, "Curve showing new
infections went up sharply with deaths. It is clear that new
variants of the virus are created by selection, using antibodies,
as a result of vaccination.
The availability of evidence of the effectiveness of vaccines is
a sine qua non for legalization by medical and pharmacological
regulators. The indicator of effectiveness is determined by
comparing two groups of people participating in clinical trials.
Vaccine and placebo groups. Based on the comparison,
performance indicators are calculated for such parameters as
morbidity (virus infection), hospitalization (severe morbidity)
and mortality. The maximum efficiency value is 100%. This is
a case when in the group of vaccinated there is not a single
negative case of infection, serious illness, or death. Such
effectiveness exists only in theory, there are no ideal drugs that
provide one hundred percent protection. According to WHO
standards and the requirements of regulators in most countries,
it is believed that a vaccine as a means of protection against
infection should be at least 50% effective.
To summarize what was written and said by skeptical scientists
and critics of the WHO-organized universal vaccination campaign
against Covid-19, then in fact they all talk about the law of
"diminishing vaccination effectiveness". Any vaccination campaign
is accompanied by a "vaccination administration". This is tracking
and recording the side effects of vaccinations. Periodic
measurements of the effectiveness of the vaccines are also made.
Monitoring of the negative consequences of vaccination is carried
out in the USA - the VAERS information system, in the European
Union - the EudraVigilance system, covering 27 EU member states,
as well as in the UK and Australia. In Russia, this "administration
of vaccination" is either classified or not carried out at all.
But even in these countries, "vaccination administration" is
incomplete. And not only because a small part of the side effects,
including death, are reflected in information systems. But it turns
out that there is no established procedure for regularly measuring
the effectiveness of the vaccines used. Sometimes performance
assessments are made, but haphazardly, and most importantly, they
do not have an official status. Even if the assessments are
published in such a reputable journal as Lancet. Measurements
of vaccine efficacy by medical and pharmacological regulators
are ignored. The results of a study on vaccination of military
retirees were published in the journal Science in an article
(https://bit.ly/3Ef9Sx6) entitled "SARS-CoV-2 vaccine protection
and deaths among US veterans during 2021".
The article notes that at the start of the vaccination campaign, the
pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson&Johnson
announced the effectiveness of vaccines in excess of 90%. By the
fourth quarter of 2021, the efficiency indicator reached 58% for
Moderna, 43.3% for Pfizer and a negligible 13.1% for Johnson&
Johnson. That is, the vaccine products of Pfizer and Johnson&
Johnson went beyond the "red line", while the drug from Moderna
came close to this line.
Hot on the heels of the publication of the article in Science, the
Los Angeles Times (https://lat.ms/3yNOXA3) issued its own
detailed comments. According to the publication, the organizers
of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic are trying to compensate
for the drop in the effectiveness of vaccines with new doses of
Lance D Johnson in his article (https://bit.ly/3pdL18C) "Covid-19
vaccines are perpetual risk with no long term benefit" makes very
tough conclusions. He calls the vaccine science adopted by the US
authorities "erroneous" and even "fraudulent", and the fight against
the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States and most countries
of the world is carried out on the basis of the so-called "waning
model of immune depletion".
At the start of the vaccination campaign, people were promised that
an injection or two injections would ensure a quiet life until
death. Today it is already obvious that people will not get off with
two injections. Back in April 2021, the CEO of Pfizer, which
developed a coronavirus vaccine in conjunction with BioNTech,
Albert Burla admitted the need for a third vaccination within a year
after full vaccination. Then his "Freudian slip" was ignored by
many. On October 26, Moderna chairman Noubar Afeyan made
a similar admission regarding his company's drug: "An annual
revaccination may well be required."
In the US, the media are hinting that in the near future the medical
regulator will change the definition of "full vaccination", which
is directly related to the grant or restriction of civil liberties.
"Complete" vaccination will be considered only after receiving
the third injection, as stated by the chief infectious disease
specialist and ideologist of vaccination in the United States,
Anthony Fauci.
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