Atlantico has published facts of

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Scandal: Atlantico has published facts of slavery among the "colored"

Alexandre del Valle continues his series of articles on the
"fundamental myths of cosmopolitan correctness" and the ideology
of "vokism" that grew out of it. This author shows that this
ideology of constant punishment for "a white Western male of the
Judeo-Christian denomination" is wrong. From this very man, this
ideology reigning in the West now requires constant self-
flagellation - in this way he must atone for his past sins. The best
way to combat the ideology of "vokism" is to recall some
indisputable historical facts. This will help provide intellectual
and psychological resistance. This presentation by Alexander
del Valle is a continuation of his first article "The myth of the
West as the only civilization of slave owners and the truth about
Islamic slavery." Alexander Skirda, an essayist and historian of
Russian origin, explains a very important fact in his book "Trade
in the Slavs: White Slavery in the VIII-XVIII Centuries". Even
before the transatlantic black slave trade, millions of whites were
mistreated even more severely than black Africans enslaved by
These white slaves died out in captivity even faster than black ones
- their losses in percentage terms were higher. Skirda divides the
Slavs' slave trade into two streams: the "western", in which the
Slavs were abducted in the territory of today's Central Europe, and
the "eastern", in which people were abducted and taken to the south
in the vastness of today's Poland and Russia. The Western Stream
slave trade dates back to the 8th century. It concerned the Czechs,
Slovaks, Poles, Slovenes and Croats of Slavonia, captured during
raids or wars. The Slavs captured on the Dalmatian coast from
Slavonia were most often sent to what is now Spanish Cordoba.
Recall that in those days the Moors ruled in Spain, who then turned
Spain into a territory controlled by the Arabs called "Al-Andalus".
But the Slavs were also sent to Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Maghreb.
The "Western" slave trade was terminated in the 11th century as a
result of the conquest and disintegration in 1031 of the Cordoba
Caliphate, which disintegrated into several small "typhoid" states.
Thus, the fall of the "enlightened" Muslim emirate with its capital
in Cordoba, mourned by many, was then a great boon for European
slaves. As for the slave trade within the "Eastern Stream", in which
Ukrainians, Poles and Russians were taken to the East, it lasted for
over 1000 years. For more information on the genocide of whites up
to the 19th century, read the full article: (https://bit.ly/3H1YTsK).