Omicron was created in the

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Omicron was created in the laboratory

The version that the new omicron virus will put an end to the
delta virus and the artificial origin of both strains was expressed
in an interview with the medical columnist for Radio Russia
(https://bit.ly/3E2kYFF) by the creator of the Sputnik V vaccine,
Petr Chumakov.
"This is where it all ends. Even if there is a very small percentage
of seriously ill patients, they will still be. Of course, not
because the disease is so severe, but because there are people
who are very weak, chronic, very old people, for whom a small
flu and a small cold are problems. It may turn out that mechanical
ventilation is also needed, especially if people suffer from some
kind of pulmonary chronic diseases. There, a small bronchitis can
already cause the need to connect to a respirator. Therefore, one
way or another, with such an explosive spread, after all, we still
have a small percentage of still vaccinated, hospitals will be
clogged with these patients".
He further stated:
"It is quite obvious that this is a handmade. I believe so. Now they
decided to end the pandemic, because the time has come for drastic
changes in the world. A lot will change in the next three to four
months. The one who launched it decided to end the pandemic.
Why do I think so? See what this mutation (omicron) is. It's not
just a mutation. They collected all the mutations that were known
that were already encountered in this virus spontaneously. That is,
when it evolved, some mutations arose there that caused some
changes in its properties. Moreover, they introduced another three
amino acid insert. How it could have arisen so independently in
this strain - no one can explain. They made such a super-attenuated
strain. As a person who has done a lot of bioselection of viruses
for other purposes - in order to just weaken their properties, I
understand that this task is quite simple. Why was it released in
Africa? Because there are a lot of HIV-infected people there. And
when the question arises: Why did he gain so quickly and so much?
- this is explained. But all the same, it is very strange, why this
is exactly one version of this that gathered, immediately gained 32
mutations. And others seem to have everything "delta" there. I have
the impression that this is all really artificial: both the beginning
and the end. And now the moment has simply come when, for
some political reason, they decided to quickly wrap up the
Earlier it was reported that the "omicron" strain of coronavirus
infection is spreading very quickly:
"It has a spread coefficient of 3.5, while the delta has 0.85. Can
you imagine how many times it is more infectious? In London,
it has already supplanted the "delta", and now "omicron" is the
dominant strain there. In just a day and a half, the number of
patients doubles. Spreads like wildfire", - confirmed the
The renowned virologist also noted that the omicron strain does
not cause serious manifestations. This is also the case in South
Africa, he said:
"The population is mostly young. There are still a lot of
immunodeficient people, but still it is quite easily tolerated
there. In England, the population is just older in general, but
there are a lot of vaccinated people, so this is also not very
Pyotr Chumakov spoke about another, in his words, unpleasant
property of the omicron strain:
"It can infect quite a lot of people who have already been
vaccinated. But their illness is easy. Among the unvaccinated,
there are also no very severe cases. That is, the impression is
that this is a strain that spreads very quickly and is easily
tolerated. It is very good."
The scientist also called for accelerating vaccination. In his
opinion, it is the large number of vaccinated people in England
that saves the health care system from overload:
"Everything goes very smoothly for them. In our country, everything
will go along such a path that it will be explosive. And there will
be many deaths due to the fact that the medical system will simply
be overloaded. The level of antibodies greatly depends on how much
a person can become infected with this strain, which generally
partially escapes antibodies. But accordingly, if a person has a
lot of antibodies, then he will not escape so much. And this will
be an obstacle to the spread of the virus.", - he concluded.