Covid hysteria.All this was

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Covid hysteria. All this was already in 2009. Investigation

Few people know what happened in 2009 in Eastern Europe.
This article will help readers understand what is happening now
in the West. In the fall of 2009, in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia
(https://bit.ly/3m09pZh), Soros's leftist media suddenly began
spreading terrible rumors about "swine flu". The hysteria was
so strong that the Ministry of Health of Belarus was forced to
deny (https://bit.ly/3GUSzmP) the existence of any epidemic.
For example, due to media panic, Ukrainian educational
institutions (schools, institutes, technical schools) have
introduced a three-week vacation. The country's Ministry of
Health was also forced to officially declare that there was no
epidemic (https://bit.ly/3GvRyRQ). In 2009, the WHO stated
that the H1N1 flu strain was the cause.
Allegedly, people aged 25 to 45 were dying en masse everywhere.
The virus did not affect the elderly and children. The mass killing
of pigs began. Have arisen "new deadly strains", as in the case of
Covid-19 "Mexican", "Californian". The H1N1 strain did not
cause mortality in the pigs themselves; on average, about 1%
of the sick animals died.
China was the first of the states on April 26, 2009 to begin
quarantining citizens of the country who returned from "dangerous
areas", the Hong Kong police cordoned off a hotel in the city center
and did not release guests from there for a week. Australia has
locked up 2000 passengers on a cruise ship off its coast. On October
24, 2009, US President Barack Obama declared
(https://bit.ly/3pOJWmN) a state of emergency in the country. The
H1N1 virus has allegedly killed 1000 out of 20000 sick Americans.
All of this is reminiscent of the Covid-19 hysteria.
On November 6, 2009, a vaccine appeared (in just 6 months!) for
a new infection. However, usefulness this vaccine has long been
questionable (https://bit.ly/31UNT0Q). Even the Deputy of the
Federal Republic of Germany Wolfgang Wodarg said that the
epidemic was organized artificially (https://bit.ly/3ETsvHM), and
the pharmaceutical companies, in whose interests the WHO acted,
earned $ 18 billion from the sale of drugs. 10 million doses of
taxpayer-paid vaccines were donated to Ukraine alone. In general,
in 2009, 94 million doses of vaccine were purchased for a population
of 63 million people (https://bit.ly/3oPQVN2). But then the fun
began. Officially, 18449 people have died from the H1N1 strain,
but in 2013 the World Health Organization conducted a large-scale
check (https://bit.ly/31TbyyK) during which more than 200,000
people allegedly died of swine flu. Amazing math!
Further statistics will surprise even professional skeptics. The
fact is that the Ministry of Health of Russia
(https://bit.ly/3ylhDQA) in statistics for 2014-2015 published
information on the incidence of coronavirus - SarsCov1 was sick
51043 people (PDF https://bit.ly/3EReAC1). According to statistics
taken from different regions of Russia, for example,
https://bit.ly/3DSdMvo Every third ARVI disease was caused
by coronavirus. This infection reaches its peak, according to
statistics, during the winter and spring. And then it goes down
"Effective vaccines" and quarantine measures being introduced now
coincide with the timing of ARVI circulation. This means that when
the epidemic subsides once again, the WHO and Big Pharma will say
that vaccines and effective quarantine measures have helped to
achieve this.