China used climate weapons Tsinghua

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China used climate weapons

Tsinghua University in Beijing reported (https://bit.ly/3dAbSoF)
that last summer, China was able to successfully modify the weather
ahead of an important political holiday - the 100th anniversary of
the Communist Party. An extensive cloud seeding operation was
carried out, resulting in a clearer sky and a reduction in air
pollution in the capital.
By July 1, in the Beijing region, polluting factories were forcibly
shut down. However, the low air flow did not contribute to the
dissipation of the fouled air. The clouds over Beijing were seeded
with small particles of silver iodide using rockets. They provoked
the swelling of drops and precipitation.
As a result, artificial rain has reduced levels of air pollutants by
more than two-thirds and changed the air quality index reading
based on WHO standards from "moderate" to "good". By 2025,
China's State Council decided to develop a weather change system.
Plans to expand the experimental weather control program to an
area one and a half times the size of India. The weather
modification in 2019 helped reduce hail damage by 70% in
Xinjiang's agricultural areas, according to Chinese officials.